Les verbes pronominaux (réfléchis / réciproques / se) / Pronominal verbs

Thiintroduction to pronominal / reflexive / reciprocal / se verbs is an older powerpoint file. You may choose to delete some of the references. This is another big file.

Les verbes pronominaux (réfléchis / réciproques/ se ): laver & se laver / parler & se parler comparés au présent et au passé composé

Here are 4 guided writing activities with a focus on pronominal verbs. Students are asked to “become” a member of One Direction or Lady Gaga (or Adele, Justin Bieber, Kaitness Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Daniel Radcliff,la poupée Barbie, Yoyo . . . ) and to describe his or her day:

In the present tense (with masculine subject): One direction: au présent des verbes pronominaux

In the past tense (with a masculine subject):  One direction: au passé composé des verbes pronominauxHere’s a writing sample produced by Lucy: Ma journée (par Niall Horan)

In the present tense (with a feminine subject): Lady Gaga : les verbes pronominaux au présent 

In the past tense (with a feminine subject): Lady Gaga : les verbes pronominaux au passé composé 

Here’s a list of pronominal verbs that come up all the time: Une petite liste de verbes pronominaux



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