Voyons donc! / This you’ve got to see! (Paper City Paris)

This site is one of my current coups de coeur.  It’s the work of Joel Henriques, an American artist and designer who creates beautiful art and crafts for children and adults. Joel has generously posted free printable templates of his Paper City Paris. His whimsical drawings will inspire your students to illustrate other monuments and to personalize their Ville Lumière.

Then let their fingers do the walking during your lesson on giving and following directions.

- Excusez-moi, monsieur, pour aller à l’Arc de Triomphe, s’il vous plaît?

- L’Arc de Triomphe? C’est simple! Cliquez ici:  http://madebyjoel.com/2011/08/paper-city-paris.html

For smaller fingers or smaller spaces, try: http://madebyjoel.com/2012/01/travel-size-paper-city-paris.html

The “teachable moment” possibilities are endless.


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